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Amit has 22 years of mainline advertising experience helping to build diverse brands at Ogilvy, Hakuhodo Percept, Contract Advertising, DDB Mudra, Thinq Advertising and TrueTongue Creative.

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Amit Bhat

Founder, TrueTongue

Amit Bhat hails from Dakshina Kannada, a coastal district of Karnataka in India. For as long as he can remember, creating images and capturing moments has been his overriding passion. As a child, from using crayons or pencils, Amit took his passion to different levels by becoming a successful advertising professional in the creative department after graduating in 2001 with a bachelors in fine arts from the prestigious Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath in Bangalore. To Amit art is a pure expression of his interpretations of life around him. Amit Bhat, an exceptional Art person having around 22 years of mainline advertising experience with agency majors like Ogilvy, Hakuhodo Percept, Contract Advertising and DDB Mudra to build diverse Brands including Bharti AXA General Insurance, MTR Foods, Louis Philippe, Citizen Watches, Top Ramen Noodles, Prestige Kitchenware, UB Group (Vladivar Vodka & White Mischief Vodka), AMD, The Week, Wipro Infotech, Murudeshwar Ceramics, Gati Courier, m4marry, Decode, Sudhanva Healthcare, Binz & Boris, Rescue, PurpleBrick etc. Individual highs include 7 times Lürzer's Archive featured campaigns (Issue 5-2007, Issue 3-2015, Issue 3+4-2021 2 campaigns, Issue 2-2022), ABBYs Merit, Big Bang Merit among others.

Amit has an inherent tendency to push him selves beyond barriers. For him, mediocrity is the enemy. He chooses Diamonds over Rust in his work. He believes that Advertising is about putting ourselves in the mind of the consumer and to think his/her thoughts. And, to understand what motivates him/her. He also believes that in advertising, the desk is a very dangerous place from which to view the world. In the process of making you a bigger, better, more loved and more profitable Brand, it rubs off on him. He always says ‘Big ideas originate from people and not big agencies’.

Amit’s strengths are ability to discern the bigger picture, total disregard of fear of failure, indefatigable energy and simplicity of thought process.

In Amit's own words ‘I always thrive to find a balance between extreme creativity and market reality to provide the best possible outcome to influence Brand perception’.

In short, he delivers big agency experience translated through a smaller enterprise.

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Expect a big agency experience.

Through a smaller enterprise.